COVID 19 UPDATE - Massage is back.

I am thrilled to be welcoming you back. Remedial Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Myotherapy in a clinical setting are again allowed in South Australia. When you’re ready to come back I am ready for you.

Everything feels a little different in this new world and a few things have changed here too. My cleaning protocols have always been committed to intentionally supporting your health as much as your treatment and this has been stepped up with a COVID 19 focus. I have completed Infection Control Training through the Australian Govt. Dept of Health and am following the protocol advice of my association, Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS); plus some.

For appointments during May please call, message (0417 826 569) or email me to make a time. I’m spacing appointments differently to cater for the extra cleaning. The online booking system is available for you to book appointments from June.

If you have any symptoms of cold or flu, had contact with a known COVID 19 case or travelled from interstate in the last 14 days please kindly reschedule. No late fees. I will do the same for you.

Please message me when you arrive for your appointment and I will come and get you once all cleaning protocols have been completed and the space is thoroughly cleansed and ready for your treatment.

Please practice good hygiene and continue that in my clinic by washing hands when you arrive, sneezing or coughing into a tissue or your elbow and not touching your face. Hand sanitiser is readily available for your use and we have easy access to the best practise; hand washing with soap and water. I will be washing and/or sanitising my hands between all clients and during your treatment. I also have masks and a forehead thermometer I can use during your treatment. Respect, Self-Responsibility and Care keep us all safe. 

Keeping informed, up to date and clear about what is required at this time means I can treat from wholeness and presence with an open hearted, relaxed disposition. Know I am delighted and available to support you on Your Journey

See you soon.