COVID 19 UPDATE - Online Counselling Available

We are in a time of great change and a time where we can offer each other support, particularly to those who could be most vulnerable to the impact of the coronavirus.

Connecting, Nurturing and Transforming have always been my theme words and they as important as ever in this current time.

I am no longer available for massage appointments as advised via my professional association ( ATMS ), The Australian Department of Health and The World Health Organisation. I am following their guidelines.

I am available to connect and support through counselling sessions by telephone or online video via Zoom . Please contact me to ask more about this if you are interested. 

You still have the option of purchasing gift vouchers for future use or to pre-purchase a series of appointments for you to use once I re-open for holistic massage treatments. Something to look forward to on the other side of COVID 19.

During this time, nurture yourselves and your loved ones. Eat well, rest, exercise and get plenty of sleep in order to support your immune system. I also encourage you to continue finding ways to maintain connection with each other and the world around you, particularly nature.

I look forward to continuing to offer support during this time and if you would like to find out more please call and connect in. I love a cha